How To End A Karmic Relationship

How can someone you thought was your soulmate turn out to be the worst person in your life? When relationships start like they were made in heaven but then go sour, this is a sign that they are Karmic relationships.

And when things go bad, you must be asking yourself, “How can I get out of this? How can I end this relationship?”

When it comes to Karmic relationships, it’s not about ending the relationship. It’s about ending the Karma. To end Karmic relationships, you have to pay back your Karmic debt to the other person and/or learn whatever lesson you were supposed to learn from that relationship. Once that’s done, you are free.

Do you want to end a Karmic relationship quickly? If yes, I have good news for you. Just look back at your relationship to see how you’ve already repaid your Karmic debt.

Have you had some hard times? Have you felt some pain and suffering in this relationship? Have you come to a big realization, for example, the fact that you are tired of being mistreated by your partner? Or that you will never let someone talk to you so disrespectfully again?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the good news is that you have already started paying back your Karmic debt.

It’s not so easy to know when you’re almost finished paying back your Karmic debt because you don’t know just how much Karma you have with your partner. But there is one sign that will tell you that you’re almost at the end of this relationship.

When you start to genuinely pray for freedom from the relationship, you will know that you’re almost at the end. The more sincere your prayer is, the quicker it will happen. This is because when you sincerely pray from your heart, the Universe listens and creates more opportunities for the Karma to get burnt away.

Once all the Karma between you two is burned away, you both can be free from the relationship.

I’ll talk about the top 3 proven ways to burn Karma super fast that have worked for me further down in this post. First, let me share some more direct ways to take control of a relationship that is hurting you.

Power Phrases To Use To End Painful Karmic Relationships

Let me assume that you want to end a relationship because it’s causing you pain. And you know it’s Karmic because the other person in the relationship is a family member, your romantic partner, a difficult boss, or an old friend.


When you someone you’re in a relationship with hurts you consciously or unconsciously and you realize what’s happening, you have to say out loud and with force: “Enough!”

Let me give you an example. Once, my husband and I were fighting about my spending habits. He thought I spent too much money on chocolate (true story). This was probably his worry about our financial situation at the time but regardless of the reason, we had spent more than 15 minutes discussing this and arguing about this. Finally, I just had to say, “Enough! I am responsible for my spending habits, not you. Stop lecturing me about this right now.”

The force of my statement made him go quiet. He realized that he had crossed the line and we stopped talking. After an hour or so, he came with a pack of Malteasers that he went out and bought for me and said sorry.

“Stop now!”

When you don’t like how someone is treating you or the way someone is talking to you and you want it to stop it right away, you need to say this with force: “Stop now!”

Say it as soon into the conversation as you can.

As soon as you realize that the other person is attacking you or picking on you, say “Stop now!” with force. You won’t even need to explain yourself because it will shake them into understanding that they were being mean to you.

Some people react in a petty defensive way when you stand up for yourself like this by starting to cry or pretend that you attacked them unfairly. Don’t let this stop you from using this power phrase.

For example, kids do this all the time. When they get yelled at for doing something naughty, they pretend that they are the victim and start to cry. But they also intuitively know that they did something wrong and got called out for it. After crying for a little while, they’ll calm down and go back to normal.

When your partner is speaking to you in a way that you don’t like, tell them to stop. If this scares you, pretend you are telling a kid off for doing something he or she isn’t supposed to do.

Power Phrase: “You Are Not Allowed To Treat Me That Way!”

Sometimes people think that they are allowed to mistreat others and hurt them. They think that this is normal. In these cases you must remind them that they are not allowed to treat you that way.

When someone you’re in a relationship with hurts you unfairly or without a legitimate reason, say to them with force: “You are not allowed to treat me that way.”

If they persist, then make a stronger statement and say: “You WILL NOT treat me that way!”

You are the one who decides how you will be treated in a loving relationship. Demand the respect that you want. Set the tone of how you want to be spoken to.

There is always a power game in relationships, and this is especially true in Karmic relationships. It shouldn’t be about having power over your partner or overpowering them when it comes to making decisions. It should be about EM-powering yourself and taking control of how you are treated in the relationship.

When you start to use power phrases like this with your partner, you are creating more opportunities for the Karma between you to finish.

By taking your power in a relationship back, you are taking responsibility for your Karma and becoming stronger in the process.

This causes a chain reaction and if your Karmic relationship is supposed to end, it will end even sooner. If it is meant to be healed, your Karmic relationship will be healed sooner.

The Best Thing To Resolve Conflict In A Karmic Relationship That No One Ever Does

Anytime someone attacks you emotionally, or even physically, it is more about them than you. This is particularly true in romantic relationships.

For example, your boyfriend got yelled at by his boss at work and he started a fight with you as soon as he got home. Or your wife had a fight with her mom and started nitpicking on your and criticizing you unfairly. Or you are worried about your money situation and you start picking on your wife for her spending habits.

You may not know what the underlying reason for your partner’s hurtful behaviour toward you is and you are not responsible to fix it. But you are allowed to say this power phrase to your partner:

“If you are angry and sad about something, do something about it! Don’t take it out on me. I don’t deserve that.”

This comes back to the power struggle in every relationship. When you say this to your partner, you empower him or her to take their power back from whatever negative experience they had. When they realize that they have the power over how to react to their own negative experience, they won’t feel the need to take it out on you.

When you help them realize that something else is hurting them, then they realize that they need to process that pain. By doing this, you are making sure that they don’t turn you into a punching bag to release their emotions.

Bonus power phrase: “I love you but that does not give you the right to be mean to me.”

This phrase bring back the memory of Eminem’s song “Love The Way You Lie”, at least the music video.

This is the kind of relationship you don’t want to have. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you will tolerate being disrespected and being hurt. Loving someone doesn’t mean giving them the right to walk all over you.

When you can tell that your partner is crossing the line and hurting you unnecessarily, call them out on it. Say to them with power in your voice and strength in your eyes: “I love you but that does not give you the right to be mean to me.”

They will stop dead in their tracks because of one thing. You just placed a mirror in front of them and showed them that they are simply being mean to you. If they care about you, then they will stop right away after they see this.

How To End A Karmic Relationship By Burning Your Karma Fast

As I mentioned above, it’s about ending the Karma and not the relationship. It’s possible that a “toxic” relationship becomes harmonious again after all the bad Karma is burned off.

It is also possible that a relationship ends very easily and peacefully after the Karma between both people is finished.

I’ll say it again: It’s about ending the Karma, not the relationship.

How do you finish all your Karma with somebody so you can quickly end the relationship? These are my top 3 ways to burn through Karma quickly.

Live Life Fully

Dive into life and embrace all new experiences. Try to enjoy the little things in life with your partner despite the fact that you are having difficulties in your relationship.

The more cool experiences you share together, the more opportunities you will have for working out your Karma together. If they are pleasant experiences, then you will see that there is still love and hope in the relationship. If they are bad experiences, then you will know that it’s time to walk away.

It is just as important to have unique experiences on your own. You need time to yourself, away from your partner, to process how you feel about your partner. When you’re away from him, do you miss him? Are you happy to be on your own and are wishing that you didn’t have to see him later? Or are you happy alone but still looking forward to being together again?

You wouldn’t get a chance to feel these feelings if you are together 24/7. Take some time apart to let your true feelings come to the surface.

Don’t Avoid Confrontation

If you’re like me, you hate confrontation. I’d rather be on the losing end of a deal than get into a difficult negotiation.

When it comes to relationships though, you can’t avoid confrontation because it will just keep eating at you from the inside.

Until you share with your partner how he hurt you, the pain will keep spreading inside you like acid and burning you from the inside. It will turn toxic and you’ll hurt yourself and your partner way more than if you just shared with him what’s bothering you right away.

You also have to be willing to listen to your partner when he tells you that you have hurt him. It goes both ways.

Yes, it’s embarrassing to realize that you’ve hurt your partner deeply. But you won’t be able to heal your relationship if you are completely unaware of how you are damaging it.

Burn Karma Through Meditation

The one place where I learn most about myself is when I’m sitting down to meditate. This whole blog started because I finally learned to meditate. It also helped me to get out of the biggest depression I went through in my mid-twenties.

It’s a fact that meditation, specifically certain kinds of meditation like Atma Kriya Yoga burn your Karma. How does it do that? Well, there’s the fact that you are sitting in silence and finally looking at yourself.

When you examine yourself and your experiences, you can learn from it. The more you learn, the more Karma gets burned away, and the closer you get to becoming free.

Take my free 5-day meditation class to get started with a strong and effective meditation practice that will help you burn your Karma and end your Karmic Relationships.

How Did You End Your Karmic Relationship?

Now I want to hear from you. Have you ever had to end a Karmic Relationship? How did you do it? Is there something you can share in the comments that will help the next reader?

Do you have any questions about how your Karma is affected after breaking someone’s heart? Or have you wondered whether Karma will get your ex back for breaking your heart? I’d love to know so comment below.


Ritu is an Atma Kriya Yoga and meditation teacher. A long time blogger and writer, she writes about personal development, spirituality, and meditation.

14 thoughts on “How To End A Karmic Relationship

  1. Hey ritu I loved a guy unconditional I treated him like a baby though he was rude without feeling emotions I changed him and made a lover boy now he broke my heart and getting married to another girl this year as am intercaste his family accepted me first and later broke my heart by rejecting me the girl which he is marrying now loves him more what about me who I loved him he didn’t think about me what karma do he get for doing this to me

  2. Thank you for helping us out in our dark times , and massive respect for sharing your personal story , I can see how enlightened you are that you realised the consequences of your past actions. I’m 30 years old and just got betrayed in my 7 year old relation. For past 7 years my only aim was to make her feel special, to help her in achieving her goals. And forgot that I too have a life of my own , she after achieving her career goals broke all contacts with me , without even giving me any reason. I finally contacted her somehow and for the first time in 7 years she was rude to me, she rudely said that she is looking for someone else now and currently seeing two other guys. I trusted her way too much , loved her unconditionally despite of her looks , she was the most beautiful girl for me coz I loved her. This betrayal shattered me , broked me , and now I won’t be able to trust anyone in this world. Later in the process of grief and depression I did what every one is supposed to do at these times. I turned to spirituality. And now in a way I can see how this break up helped me to find a path for a greater goal. I’m still trying to forgive her and get out of it . And one day I will.

  3. My ex is dating his mom’s friend now who he always said was just old and his “mom’s friend”. He’d slept with her as a second rebound after me, it shattered me. He’d told me many lies even before that to hurt me so this one just topped the cake for me. I don’t know how or why this dragged on for so long but my love for him was genuine and still is even though I know he didn’t care about lying to me. I still wonder why he did what he did but the truth is he still loves her and I hate him for doing what he did to me. Blaming it all on my violent reactions but never for his lies. Or insensitive behavior.

    1. Hi Amber, I put it in my other comment to you that you are innocent in the situation. Stop blaming yourself. What happened is not fair, and it’s OK to call it what it is. Yes it is a karmic situation, and gave you a chance to burn a lot of your karma. Look at what you can learn from the situation, like the kind of man you never ever want to be with again, and the kind of behaviour you will never tolerate again.

  4. Ritu I like to know why do I pay for the karma and my ex done the same thing? And who pays for his karma? I apologized repented to God. And it’s like he trying to make me pay for the hurt the sent me through do he ever pay for what he sent me through it looks like I’m just paying not him. And he keep throwing my past and what he did it’s ok

    1. Dear Pamela, you can bet that he will pay and he is paying in a hidden way that you don’t see yet. I know you’re still in pain and that won’t go away just because he will pay for his karma. For upper pain to go away you have to heal your self and process the feelings and get STRONGER from this experience. Then soon you’re strength will be bigger than your pain and you’ll forget it and him for good.

  5. Hi Ritu, I met my twin flame/soulmate 8 months ago. At first everything seemed so wonderful, but then with 6 weeks everything went sideways. She is going through a past incident that happened to her and she admits she needs to get closure from it. Truthfully I don’t think getting her getting closures form the past incident will help with of Karma. I understand that she has this issue but the disrespect and the pain has finally got me to want to just put her behind me. But of course I don’t want to. I feel the energy connection between us and I feel and have seen the real her. I want to try to rid the ic the bad karma and only have the good karma. We share the same birthday but are years apart in age, but we also share the same life #7 as well. Are there any crystals, candles, oils, etc. that can help? I have cut our energy tie but still trying to help her with finding the closures she truly seeks.

    1. If you think she’s your soulmate then give it another chance. You can be there for her even if not as her partner (even though I haven’t had any luck staying friends with an ex). It sounds like you still have karma with each other good or bad. That’s why it’s so hard to cut ties with her. There’s still unfinished business here.
      How to speed up your karma so you can both be free?
      That’s what you have to work on now. This post has some ideas you can try out:

  6. Hi. Due to some reasons that I felt absent from my relationship I left my boyfriend and got in a very beautiful unexpected relationship. We shared great understanding. Our families knew about us and we were planning to get married. I am 26 years old and this is currently going on. I am still staying with his family. It’s been a year since lockdown. Due to his casual habits he got in contact with American international flight attendant. Impressed by her gifts and love she showed h now they both are planning to get married and its all happening infront of me. I love him so purely. Is this my punishment for leaving that first guy? And if this is in exchange for that will this present person undergo such pain.

    1. Hi Amara, thanks for sharing your story. It sounds quite painful. Yes, it is partially connected to how you left your first guy. This gives you an opportunity to put yourself in your new guy’s shoes. He might be feeling absent as well. DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF for leaving the first guy the way you did. That’s simply what was right for you at the time. When you stop judging yourself for your past action, the current pain will become much lighter and you will find a new way.

  7. I’m just confused. I always thought my partner was my twin but now realising it was probably karmic. For 7 years I adored this man. Loved him with everything I had. Still do. It was a rough 7 years… one sided…abusive and draining. He hurt me so much. Made me a person I didnt like nor recognise.
    What confuses me is the end though. He killed himself…. and I’m left wondering who was the lesson?? Was I here to clear his karma or him to clear mine?
    Obviously the cycle has ended as he can’t come back now.
    I’m so confused as to what I am supposed to learn from the drastic ending of it all…….

    1. Hi Sarah, this sounds extremely traumatic. I hope you are OK and have a support group you can go to. It’s not your job to clear his Karma. That’s his job. You were together because you had karma together, that’s the simple answer. Is the karma between you two over? I don’t know how peaceful you were together before he was gone so I can’t answer that. You’re right that the cycle has ended. You can still heal your relationship by doing the SAY SORRY IN YOUR HEART meditation in my free download. Have you tried it?

  8. I have a karmic relationship I think!
    Sometimes my mind is busy and Idk why
    But when I see him everything’s will pass away . And I don’t want to end this relationship I just wanna end this cycle
    But he insisted that ending our relationship will end this cycle
    Please help , I really love him and I searched many hours ,I need somebody to tell me what I have to do to end this relationship,it’s like sometimes something that happened to me happening to him too !
    Please help I’m miserable

    1. Hi Laura, it’s difficult to answer you without more background info. You can end the cycle without ending the relationship. The key is to make some changes in yourself. Stop tolerating disrespect from him. Stand up to him. See how he reacts. Just try it. It will lead to your karma together finishing much quicker and then you will see if the relationship lasts with the new strong you or not.

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