Hi. I’m Ritu.

And here’s what you can expect from The Lifester:

  • Meditations to help you realize your potential, hear into your inner guide and ask for signs to guide you
  • How to ask for guidance from the Universe and follow the signs it gives you
  • How to read signs from the Universe
  • How to meditate and really maintain a daily spiritual practice
  • Steps to handle change gracefully and be yourself even when everything else is changing too fast all around you
  • Strategies to conquer your quarterlife crisis and midlife crisis without totally falling apart
  • Tips on channelling your creativity to fight depression, anxiety, and overwhelm

I share only things that I have tried, that have worked for me and things that inspire me to take action.

Also, on this site you’ll hear from other successful leaders and entrepreneurs about their spiritual practices that give them the inner strength to do all the amazing work they do in the world.

You will get first hand accounts of what it takes to live your Calling and the spiritual tools you can use to build your inner strength so you can live your life’s purpose.

This will be shared with you once a week and you can subscribe by clicking the button below.

Hearing stories of people who are following their Calling in life… sounds pretty easy to follow, right?

Not really.

Before you continue reading, you have to know that…

…this site is probably not for you.

I’m being honest here because it’s not going to help anyone if I’m not fully open with you.

This site will be wrong for most people. From experience, I know that a very small group of people can stomach what is shared on this site. You might not be in that group. And that’s OK. Here’s how you will know that you are a part of this group.

This site is for you if:

Follow Your Calling Lecture in London


  • you can’t wait to try something spiritual for yourself so when it comes time for you to teach others, you can speak from experience
  • you want to help others in the same way that you have been helped
  • being able to give and serve others fulfils you so much more than getting something from them
  • you value humility and understand that it takes a strong person to be humble
  • a part of you has always believed that everything happens for a reason

You see, not a lot of people fit into this. Maybe it’s because they still think that outside glamour and success will make them happy. Maybe they are still satisfied with adventure and outwardly excitement. Maybe they are still solely focused their careers, on working hard, party hopping, world traveling, and love seeking.

And that’s OK.

Not everyone is ready yet. Not everybody actually wants to look inwards. Not everybody wants to know the answer to this question: What else is there inside of me that I just can’t wait to experience and explore?

For those of you who can check off at least a few of the boxes above, I encourage you to subscribe. Explore the blog. Watch a video. Check out the main pages to see what might give you something valuable that you were looking for.

Who Am I to Teach This?

I am not a spiritual master or a yogi living in the Himalayas. In fact, I’ve had my fair share of party hopping and world traveling.

Until something happened that changed everything forever.

My story starts in 2007 in Brooklyn, NY and I originally shared it on my friend Jenny’s blog: Healthy Crush. I’m summarizing it here.

ritu in brooklynI had just moved to New York from my hometown of Toronto, chasing big dreams and a happily ever after with my ambitious & successful boyfriend.

After four years in NYC, the fun died down, the career was well on its way, and the relationship was ripe to take the next step — but the undercurrent of the personal belief that I wasn’t good enough to deserve any of it rose up and I made an impulsive decision to leave New York behind and move to London.

The same story repeated itself in London.

I didn’t attach my self-worth with a guy this time around, things were as good as it gets and I even met a guy who made me smile.

As soon as these things happened, the horrible feeling that was so much a part of my belief system reared its ugly head and convinced me that I wasn’t good enough to have it. That I didn’t deserve to be happy.

So I did what the horrible voice told my subconscious to do, and made myself miserable. I broke that nice guy’s heart, retreated from my friends and family and started to feel sorry for myself.


Then something magical happened.

Jenny emailed me to tell me that she was coming to London for a visit during the summer! I was looking forward to having some excitement during this down phase and was psyched to see my old friend again in my new town.


Jenny was in London with Gabby Bernstein who was promoting Spirit Junkie at the time and doing some speaking gigs in the UK. I went to see Jenny and Gabby at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival where I meditated for the first time in a 30 minute group meditation lead by Gabby.

And my life changed.

This was the first day, before I had meditated. Can you see the sadness in my eyes? Man, I was really depressed during that phase.

I got a taste of meditation and the incredible out of body and out of mind experiences it can give.

I went on a long search, tried a dozen different meditation techniques and was lead to Atma Kriya Yoga meditation – the only one that was meant for me.

I incorporated Atma Kriya Yoga meditation into my everyday life and finally shut up for long enough to hear my loving self speak up instead of my hateful self.

I listened and heard encouragement and unconditional love instead of doubt and negative talk.


My life completely changed at its core. Confusion lessened when I sat down and asked for guidance. A difficult relationship became easier after I closed my eyes and sent love to that person. Negative people started to fall away and loving, supportive soul-sisters entered my life to nurture me as I grew spiritually.

My search ultimately lead me to meeting my Guru, Sri Swami Vishwananda who showed me a Love beyond words.

Guruji and me


The first time I met him, it was like looking into an infinity mirror and all I could hear was “Love” echoing back and forth and multiplying exponentially!

I still hadn’t learned to handle experiencing such pure Love, so tears started streaming down my face and I got those sobby hiccups that toddlers do when they are overwhelmed with emotion.

All I could say was, “I love you.” It felt like I had been waiting for a long time to say that to him and that he was waiting to hear me say it.

Things like these happen when you finally meet your Guru, your spiritual master.


To be honest, the Calling that I keep talking about is something that you are probably already faintly hearing and this Call is coming from your spiritual master.

I am not privileged that I have a Guru because everyone has a Guru. You do too and if you haven’t met him or her yet, keep searching. He or she is calling you and you know in your heart that you can hear that whisper.

Keep searching, keep following the signs, keep listening for the Call. You will find its source. It is inevitable that you will find it.

Step into your Calling

After meeting my Guruji, I finally committed to a daily meditation and Atma Kriya Yoga practice and finally shut up for long enough to hear my loving self speak up instead of my hateful self. And listening to that nicer voice, I have found the courage, and inner strength to step into my Calling.

A long time passed and after a lengthy application process, I was accepted to train as an Atma Kriya Yoga teacher. There are only about 150 teachers in the world, and less than 5 of us are in all of North America, so it is a huge honour to be able to teach this incredible meditation technique.

The incredible thing is that it is only through the inner strength that daily meditation gives, that I have found the willpower to do what it takes to bring that very same meditation into the lives of others.

It is thanks to this inner strength that I have found the courage to share my story and teach others how to uncover their inner strength so that they can step into their Calling.


You can do it too – and no, I have no advantage over you:

I did not grow up in a particularly esoteric or yogi home. My family is Muslim!

I did not go to some special spiritual school. I went to a boarding school where we got drunk and high at the age of 13 just because we could get away with it and probably because we secretly missed our parents.

I wasn’t ushered into any special spiritual experiences by anyone.

In fact, in high school, I was more concerned with being liked and fitting in than with being true to myself and hurt a few close girlfriends in the attempt. I was needy about always having a boyfriend and couldn’t stay single for more than a few months, a pattern that only broke last year.

I floated along in University, caring more about my social life than my grades and got involved in a lot of girl drama, backstabbing and jealousy. Less than spiritual, to say the least.

I dated a guy who couldn’t accept my cultural background and race and even though we were good friends, I still don’t understand why I put up with that for three years.

When I first started working, I fell in love with my boss and felt incredibly guilty about having these feelings despite being in a relationship. I sabotaged relationship after relationship and didn’t ever manage to end anything in a graceful way. Most of the time I caused more hurt than necessary and embarrassed myself more than a few times.

I took so much pride in the work I did and openly talked about my salary to the point where it made my friends and family cringe. I was obsessive about traveling to interesting new places so that my Facebook photos would be better than everyone else’s.

I don’t have a difficult event in life like a terminal illness, a tragedy in the family or an addiction that shook me into a spiritual awakening. There is seriously nothing special about me whatsoever that makes me more able to do this than you are.

It simply was time for me to wake up and realize that I needed meditation to be a sane person. It was time for me to start using meditation to tone down the crazy in me and try to be a better human being.

And if you are reading this, it might be time for you too.

I can’t even describe to you how amazing it feels when you experience something ethereal and when you experience time-bending, unending Love in your meditations. I don’t even have the words.

When I meet somebody like you…

When I meet somebody who is at the point in their lives when they are asking themselves, “I’ve experienced the best things in life, but why am I not satisfied? What else is there? What can I do to find it?” I get so excited.

I’ve been there too and I know they are starting to hear their Calling. It means they are right around the corner from experiencing something better than anything they could have imagined.

My job is to help people hear their Calling and listen to it better through an inner stillness and meditation practice. My job is to help you build up your inner strength through Atma Kriya Yoga so you have what it takes to live your purpose in life.

I hope you can be the next person I help. Read through some of the posts, check out the videos, and explore. What’s the worst thing that can happen?